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Versatile Routing...Totally Dust Tight...Gentle Handling...Easy Restart...Energy Efficient...Pressure Tight

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The tube chain conveyor has many features that help your bulk handling plant run more efficiently and cost effectively. The following are just some of them...

Transports dusts, granular materials, powders and sludges

  • try it on your product!

Can convey material up to 50m horizontally and 30m vertically

  • it will accommodate most manufacturing run requirements.

Modular Construction - many parts are common to different configurations

  • considerably reduces spares inventory.

Minimal product retention in conveyor

  • fast product changeover.

Dust tight conveying

  • your spillage is costing you money! Many installations pay back on removal of spillage costs alone!

Versatile routing

  • you have just found the conveyor that can do that seemingly impossible run!

Low wear rates

  • minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Low energy consumption

  • consumes a fraction of the power of pneumatic conveyors - puts money back into your pocket!

Gentle handling of product

  • if your bulk material requires gentle handling - this is the system!

Starts up empty or with a full load

  • does not impose constraints on your control system.

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